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DIY: Making Your Own Herb Salts

Our first do it yourself (DIY) post! Although I guess every recipe post is a DIY? Nevermind that.  Today, we’re sharing how to make your own herb salts- the perfect holiday gift for the food lovers and cooks in your life! I read this article in a Bon Appétit magazine not too long ago, and realized it was the perfect craft idea during my lyme hiatus. You can pick basically any herb that suits your fancy; I tried dill, lavender and rosemary to start, and have thyme and sage drying as we speak. You’ll need to dry the herbs for about a week by hanging them in a sun-lit window, so plan accordingly. In the meantime, buy some pretty glass jars from your closest flea market or Marshalls.  You’ll be the hit at the Yankee swap, we promise. These salts are perfect to rub on steak or add flavor to a simple salad. Let us know which herbs you try and how they turn out!




  • fine salt
  • bunch of fresh herbs (you’ll need about 10 springs per 2 cups of salt)


  • Tie a string a little less than halfway down a bunch of fresh herbs, and hang it in a sun-lit window for about a week.
  • Make sure that the herbs are completely dry (moisture leads to mold).  Check by crumbling a leaf.
  • Remove the dried herbs from their stems and place in a food processor.  Pulse until finely chopped.  Then add 2 cups of salt and pulse until fully incorporated.

  • Use a funnel to pour the herb salt into your pretty glass jars & you’re done!
Rosemary herb salt
Dill herb salt
Lavender herb salt

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  1. Dolby, NOT a good way to dry herbs, lose nutrients and collect dust! Best way is in the refrigerator. I’d be glad to discuss with you further

    1. Hi Patricia, interesting- we’ll have to send a correction to Bon Appetite! Would love to hear more about your technique.

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