Our Story

Welcome to The Dinna Ladies, and thank you for reading!

Here’s a little bit about us:

We are two Bostonian sisters (hence: dinnA) in their twenties who, despite currently living apart in different cities, stay close by sharing a deep love of cooking and a fondness for dinner time in particular.

Dinner has always been the center of our family’s ‘together’ time and it’s the meal during which we learned a lot about life from our parents growing up. We were one of the only families we knew who still sat around the formal dinner table the majority of weeknights to eat a home-cooked meal together.

As young sisters, we learned about respect and responsibility through food, often cooking one dinner a week for our family under the guidance of our god-send of a babysitter (although chicken with canned pineapples every Wednesday DID get old after a while). We clapped for the cook at the beginning of every meal as a sign of gratitude.  We cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes after every meal for our chores (albeit, sometimes begrudgingly). We shared our highs and lows of the day and enjoyed both the chatter and the quiet of full mouths, and dinner time continues to be one of our favorite ways of spending quality time with the people we love.

But, alas, time is a cruel mistress and we are now grown a$$ women who need to feed and fend for themselves.  So where are we now?

Maddy lives in Boston’s beautiful Beacon Hill neighborhood and works full-time at a public relations firm. She loves testing out new recipes in her tiny galley kitchen, exploring the city’s diverse dining scene and is on a mission to eat all of the charcuterie Boston has to offer.

Colby has been a Washington, DC resident for the past ~6 years (already? YIKES!) and works full-time as a strategic communications manager for a federal agency.  She is obsessed with her kitchen’s breakfast bar, the booming DC restaurant community, and all things cheese. Seriously, give her all of the cheese.

We hope that whether you live alone in a one bedroom apartment or are trying to juggle a family’s busy schedule, we can help you answer life’s trickiest question: what’s for dinna?



Maddy & Colby