Fried Goat Cheese & Strawberry Salad

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Instead of gorging myself on chocolate and candy on Halloween today, I’m trying to lighten up my meals with some new salads so that I’m able to indulge in a few Reece’s cups later. I know, I know, fried goat cheese doesn’t exactly sound like a “light” salad, but hey – baby steps! […]

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

I’m learning to love my crock pot – which is both a blessing and a curse because I haven’t gotten to the part yet where I learn to make HEALTHY slow cooker meals – so please comment with any health crock pot recipes you recommend! For two Sundays in a row, I made this dangerously […]

Eurotrip Part Two: Florence

Oh Florence, we meet again. It’s been FIVE years since I studied abroad in this beautiful city, and it has barely changed a bit. The cobblestone streets, the rich history, the amazing paninos and tiny cappuccinos are still the same and I distinctly recall Florence being overrun by tourists almost incessantly for the four months […]

Mint & Lime Avocado Toasts

Happy Thursday all! If you tuned in for last week’s post, you know that I’m currently on a pretty strict gluten-free, low sugar, low dairy diet as I work on healing my body from an illness.  As frustrating as it is, I’m learning so much about how certain foods affect my body and how to […]

Eurotrip Part One: Barcelona

The first installment of the Eurotrip recap will focus on our first leg of the trip: BARCELONA! (Cannot get Ed Sheerin’s song, Barcelona, out of my head writing this!) This seaside city was absolutely incredible and a pleasant surprise as neither of us had been there before. We landed after a very long trans-Atlantic flight […]