State Street Provisions

Sometimes  even when your wallet (and your liver) is hurting from a late Saturday night out, you just have to give in to your Sunday craving to sit for hours in a corner booth nursing a Bloody Mary and nibbling on a bunch of little dishes– even if it’s your first and only time out […]

Killer Egg Sandwich

This blog is mostly dedicated to traditional dinna items, but sometimes you just really need to switch it up.  And what better way to do that than have breakfast for dinna?! Some nights it just hits the spot, and is usually super easy and quick to make.  For your next breakfast for dinna endeavor, might I […]

Steak and Boursin Sliders

Introducing The Dinna Ladies’ first guest recipe blog post with special guest and honorary Dinna Lady, Ryan Delisle! In addition to participating in and paying for the majority of Maddy’s Dinna Lady excursions, Ryan himself is an accomplished cook and is always ready to whip up a delicious home cooked meal. One of his favorite […]

Game Day Recipes with Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

We’re those people who, like many of you, plan our weekend schedules around “the game”, especially now that we’re in post-season football mode. Common questions we ponder are whose comfortable couch we will be on, what serious-football-watching-but-still-fun crowd we will hang with, and most importantly, what finger foods we will be munching on in between […]

Fast Gourmet

UPDATE: Fast Gourmet has closed due to tax evasion 🙁 (people, the IRS will ALWAYS find you!). Looks like another sandwich shop is under construction to replace it.   Who would have thought that one of the best on-the-go food spots with Latin American flare was located in…. a gas station? That’s right folks, a […]

Bon Appetit’s Winter Squash Carbonara

Okay, screw the January diet.  I think diet is a four-letter word.  There should be no such thing. What SHOULD be a thing is fueling your body in the way that it deserves, focusing on quality ingredients, nutrition, and energy, while feeling completely okay with splurging/cheating/indulging when and how you please.  There is NO way […]


With so many choices in Boston’s North End (aka “Little Italy”), it’s tough to choose a favorite restaurant to return to again and again for a warm bowl of pasta but we have found our “spot”: Carmelina’s. My boyfriend recently moved into the North End and initially we thought, “wouldn’t it be fun to eat […]

Skinny Sweet Potato Fries

Happy post-New Years everyone!! Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and had a bubbly-filled New Years Eve! I know I certainly did, and made sure to indulge in a yet another decadent meal worthy of capping off a (mostly terrible) year. And after several weeks of delicious holiday-sized helpings, I know I could […]