The Dinna Ladies

A Tale of Two Cities: Foodie Sisters Wining and Dining in D.C. & Boston

Temazcal’s Grand Opening in Burlington

One of my favorite Mexican restaurants, Temazcal Tequila Cantina, just recently expanded to Burlington and hosted a Grand Opening celebration, complete with a roving Mariachi band, guacamole bar, passed margaritas, and small tastes of the menu items. Temazcal is known for having over 250 varieties of tequila, housed in what they call “tequila libraries”, and […]

I Love You A Lox

Apologies for the short post, I haven’t been feeling well this week (anyone else get run down by all their weekend travel?).  In any case, wanted to share some deliciously easy lox recipes for all my fellow salmon lovers out there! I know that lox are typically associated with brunch, and this is a “dinna” […]

Open Faced Steak Sandwich with Goat Cheese Butter

I admit I haven’t cooked in a while; the Fourth of July week was spent mostly at other people’s houses and parties and thankfully not near a stove, but it does feel good to get back in the kitchen! This recipe was the great culmination of Googling “goat cheese butter” and Ryan buying two amazing […]

Baking A Moment’s Fudgey Oreo Cheesecake Brownies

Stop whatever you’re doing, buy these ingredients and make these heavenly, moist, decadent, BEAUTIFUL brownies RIGHT NOW! Honestly, the title should speak for itself. I wanted to treat some guests I had over for a rooftop fireworks viewing on Tuesday, and googled three of my favorite words to see if the Internet community could make […]

25th Annual Giant National Capital BBQ Battle

For the past 25 years, the nation’s finest BBQ joints have come together for a summer weekend BBQ blowout held right in front of the capitol building. According to the website, “The Giant Barbecue Battle is one of the largest and most unique food and music festivals in the country an experience the thrill of […]

Summer ‘Ceviche’ Salad

Another hot day, another summer salad. I think we’ve all been at the point before where we’ve lost control of a recipe, or our minds, and something completely unintended and strangely delicious comes out of it. Well, this was the result of a terrible attempt at making couscous cakes – don’t even ask – which […]

Eurotrip Series: London

Hopefully you read all about the first two stops on my 2017 Eurotour: Spain and Italy.  Today’s blog features the final leg of my trip- my whirlwind two day stay in London.  Two days is DEFINITELY not long enough to thoroughly discover London and all that it has to offer- but a best friend and […]

Sweet & Savory Avocado Toasts

I love avocados so much that I actually answer to the nickname “Cado”, and sometimes, when you just don’t want to cook, avocado toast (a “Millennial” favorite, if you didn’t know) is the perfect meal. These sweet and savory avocado toasts are some of my favorite ways to make use of a ripe avocado, but […]

Eurotrip Series: Tuscany

On Tuesday, I told you all about the first leg of my amazing Eurotrip 2017: Spain. This blog will highlight the second and longest leg of my trip: Tuscany, Italia.  Tuscany was actually my original destination thanks to an invitation to join a very old friend’s retreat venture with likeminded individuals, focused on wellbeing and […]

Eurotrip Series: España

Hi all! Alas, I have returned from the most incredible vacation I’ve ever had…. these trips are never long enough. My first stop was Valencia, Spain to visit my host family that I lived with when I studied abroad back in 2009.  We still keep in touch, and the last time I saw them was FOUR years […]